“Designing for everyday situations and moments with designs that awaken NEW sensations in the midst of old habits”

Making day-to-day life more vibrant by adding new value to the already known. Jan Puylaert | Art Director.

Our products are available in the new sustainable material ecopixel®

Fresh & Clean Design

WET® wishes to drive culture beyond new frontiers through products with SENSE rather than AESTHETICS, and today WET® is being remarked as one of the trendsetting brands that have changed the bathroom into what it is today.

Very Flexible

In every design WET follows different thinking patterns arriving at different solutions. This continuous search for innovation led to a selection of interesting products, all based on highly innovative and original concepts, pushing WET® often ahead of competitors.

Environmentally Conscious Design

All WET products are designed and produced with the highest respect for nature. Recyclable materials are used wherever possible.

Take a look at special projects!

We design, we produce, we advise and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.


Special designed for HOTEL projects

HOST structurally connects washbasin with the shower wall. This unique & innovative way of installation keeps your wall completally free of any accesories.

Inga Powilleit


Her photos are absolutely stunning especially love her portraits in fabulous spaces. She brings a room to life.

Daniel Marcaccio


Italo-Argentinian, Milano-based architect has designed buildings in cities like Milan, Miami & London, among other places, has chosen WET products for several projects.

What People Say About Us?

www.designrulz.com - The worldwide design database

Thanks to WET bathroom in white and gray is no longer an option for those who want to live according to new trends in design and architecture. So, today, you’ll discover how you can pump in some energy playing with strong colors: yellow, green, violet and orange! The design is simple, but the objects become visible because of the vibrant color infusion. That’s the best way to animate an all-in-white bathroom!

International Herald Tribune. Ernest Beck

WET contributes to give people new ways to illuminate their home.

Home Decorating Trends Online Magazine Trendir.com by interior designer Lillian Pikus.

Marking an evolution in bathroom sink design, this tall washbasin by WET is changing the way bathrooms look and the way they work. Mr. Big extra-tall washbasin stands a full 106 cm – allowing you to wash your face, hands and brush your teeth while standing upright and in ergonomic harmony. Darwin would be proud!

MOJ ENTERIJER (MY INTERIOR). Interior design portal from Srbija

"Mix and match these cool accessories for an eclectic look, or choose matching styles for a clean, contemporary look. The decor options are endless with these stylish, sustainable and beautiful bathroom accessories" by Milica MANDIC

Our Products

Right here we've got something you gonna love

LTB - Light Basin by WET

LTB - Light Basin by WET

  • Translucid white with lighting
LTT - Free standing Light Tub

LTT - Free standing Illuminated Tub

  • White with white LED illumination
FUSION II - Free standing basin

FUSION 3 - Free standing basin

  • With side faucet with integrated mixer
HOST structure. Sink and shower-wall

HOST Sink and Shower

  • HOST structurally connects washbasin with the showerwall
FOLD - Shefs with integrated faucets

Mirror EGO

  • FUSION 3 Free standing Wash basin
HOST washbasin in ecopixel

HOST washbasin with integrated lamp

  • Is made 100% in ecopixel® material: DELFTS BLAUW tipology
FUSION I - Free standing basin

FUSION I -SPAGHETTI - Free standing basin

  • High gloss black basin and Traslucid white illuminated
Cement Tiles - WET floor

Cement Tiles - WET floor

  • Designed by WET | Made in Colombia
Free standing FUSION 3

FUSION 3- Free standing illuminated basin

  • FUSION 3 made in ecopixel® - Delfts blauw
HOST basin and accessories

"A new concept for the bathroom"

  • HOST comes with its own hydraulic connectors
WET floor - Cement tiles

LTB Yellow washbasin

  • WET floor - Cement tiles
OUT DOOR products

Free standing Tub LTT

  • Perfectly suitable for outdoor spaces


We design and produce also for other companies

Hotel Travel24

HOTEL TRAVEL 24 | Germany

  • Production of the bathtub, sink & dush tray

WET® produces for Travel24.com an independent travel organisation, the bathroom furnitures of its hotel chain. This company ranks among the most famous German travel sites and is one of the longest established websites in Germany.

NOUVEAU ® designed by Alexis Oskam & Jan Puylaert 2015

  • IMC for FURNEX 2015 / Cairo furniture fair- Egypt

The Nouveau ® project has become a reality, thanks to the Woodworkers in Damietta whose collaboration is highly remarkable in the field of woodcarving and superb furniture production, and the Marble workers in Shak El Thoban who are famous for their marble and limestone crafts.


  • Produced by WET

SYPHON™ encompasses a range of washbasins where syphon and washbasin are integrated in a simple fashion. That most obvious concept (by Alexis Oskam & Jan Puylaert) has led to this “wetty” design, making the traditional syphon disappear entirely and creating space underneath it.

Shower Column PLANE for HAFRO

  • Hafro Italia
    via 1° Maggio, 5 - 30029 San Stino di Livenza (VE)

Product PLANE shower column, design by our Art Director Jan Puylaert for HAFRO Italia, presented for the first time at the CERSAIE Bologna

Quatre Mains - Double basin

  • Classic line of products produced by WET

In 2000 WET® started to commercialize the earlier designed QUATRE MAINS™, the world’s first double washbasin. Although this concept was so incredibly simple and obvious it was never thought of in the prior two millennia. It was exactly that spirit that WET® wanted to achieve in each and every design they promoted, following different thinking patterns and arriving at different solutions.


  • Industrial Modernisation Center / Produced in El Hassana

Our collaboration with the Egyptian handcraft industries was fantastic; A country with hidden secrets "still now". WET developed a line of designs for the batroom field as our speciality

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The quality and creativity design of WET® is available now to all professionals, distributors and trendsetters, as well as individuals. WET® sells its own design as well as a selection of furniture and lighting that will be proposed with originality and inventiveness.

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