Design and production in a sustaintable way
“Designing for everyday situations and moments with designs that awaken NEW sensations in the midst of old habits”

Making day-to-day life more vibrant by adding new value to the already known.

Jan Puylaert / Art Director
Bathroom Products
With ecopixel sustainable material we recycle thermoplastic plastic waste in order to obtain recycled and recyclable material creating this way a true "cycle" in material-use.

ECOPIXEL collects, separates, chips into pieces and retransforms into products, what others throw away.

ecopixel recycle
In our shop you will have access to unique products in special tonalities that may not be able to reproduce, you will find infinity number of tonalities that depend on the colors of the waste that is available at the moment.

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Headlines and Novelties


designed by jan puylaert, ecopixel’s ‘ghetto blaster’ is a vented bluetooth stereo offering top-quality sound in a stylish, portable design. boasting a 240 watt (120 watt AES/RMS) 5,5” coaxial speaker, the product also utilizes a new sound-absorbing material made from recycled plastics. contenue reading


Glad to be part of this platform that brings the design world together to celebrate the culture and commerce of our industry.
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