ATTRACTION is the showersystem based on a magnet-powered wall-fixture. Thanks to the unbelievable force of a new generation NEO-DIMIO magnets, ATTRACTION fixes both showerhead as well as liquid soap/shampoo bottle to its included chromed FE-disks, that can be fixed in any position with the special included stainless-steel screws. Ideal also for families with children because of the free positioning of each FE-disk, so that the showerhead can be placed at many “and any” height(s) of your choice.


ATTRACTION™ offers multiple positioning of objects in the bathroom. Where in traditional situations a person cannot change the object positioning due to fixture and/or cleaning.

ATTRACTION is ideal for also outdoors-use, since every metal support arround is a potential support for its incorporated magnet


Normal showers use up to 12 liters/minute Eco-showers use up to 7 liters/minute ATTRACTION by WET® uses MAXIMUM 4 liters/minute.

ATTRACTION is equiped with the WET® DWS* (*drip-warning-system)
This innovative system uses a simple internal over-pressure outlet, that diverts the overcapacity waterflow to the outside of the showerhead. In this way you can fine-tune your waterpressure, using a maximum of 4 (!) liters per minute which equals a super-ecological* pressure.

  Red Orange Lemon Lila Black  

LIGHT exists in ICE-white, BLACK and 6 colors, APPLE / LILLA / FUCSIA / LEMON-fluoriscent / ORANGE-fluorscent / RED.

All versions exept for BLACK can be equiped with the powerfull halogene illumination-set for plain illumination.

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