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Featured projects:


Free standing wash basin 2011


Freestanding LED illuminated sink; dimentions 48x90cm, 100% recycable PolyEthylene, offering space for the AC5 rim-spout, available for rim-mixer or seperate sidefaucets hot&cold. Column in dark grey to be fitted with a range of 9 colours sink-part or in neutral colour with RGB LED illumination. The optional RGB LED floor illumination gives extra neverseen lightning effect.



JP pays tribute to RIETVELD with his newest design GERRIT™ by WET®

Gerrit by WET

10mm laser-cut, lightweight, poplar plywood, reorganized like a puzzle into this unusual warm* dining chair. A velvet-like surface finish covers its wooden structure So as to protectively embrace you like a tender shield. It is a surprisingly convincing, colourful chair that immediately takes up her own little place in the contemporary furniture world. WET® debut 2011 towards the NON bathroom area.


WET® 2010
Celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Founded in 1999 by Jan Puylaert
WET 10th anniversary

Creating WET®, Jan Puylaert wants to move culture towards new frontiers through products with SENSE rather than AESTHETICS.
Nowadays, WET® is being (re)marked as one of the trendsetting brands that has changed the bathroom into what it is today.


Stone projects
For IMC Egypt, presented at the STONEGATE Egypt 2010
WET hits the stone
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WET® has designed for the Industrial Modernisation Center of Egypt STONE PRODUCTS
The materials: Marble, alabaster, granite. In collaboration with the Egyptian companies:
Stone Arts, EL ALFY, Marmar Stone, Ebab El Rahaman, Al Hassana, El Fakharani.
Special Thanks to Giulio Vinaccia, Mahmoud Safwat.



"unplugged" gadget 24.000 copies
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Unplugged / has been the “INVITATION” - gadget for the mostra/event : Red Light Design Event (Milano 2009), the theam was the erotism, with designs of Karim Rashid, Richard Hutten, Tom Dixon, Philips, Città di Amsterdam, Michael Young, Lelo, Zaha Hadid, Fulvia Mendini, Fabio Novembre, Bram Boo, Jacco Bregonje, Betony Vernon, Meike Van Schijndel, Nora deRudder, Gianni Ilardo, Sofie Lachaert.


The first true “musical” washbasin
x-light produced by WET

The first true “musical” washbasin… All you need is to plug in your MP3*player into this amplified sink, and your bathroom will transform into a high level concert-hall, with superb sound-quality.
Washbasin 142 x 38 cm, transparent PMMA designed by Jan Puylaert © 2008 with build in amplified speakersystem *for MP3 or portable CD-player
remote controlls / electronic devices / displays
Considering electronics as an everyday tool for normal people, also in the bathroom, having “interface” rule the design. Product-design of plastic housing using plastic injection, considering assembly-steps with considerate attention to involving electronics, specifically those connected to the whirlpool and steamcabine area. Specific difficulty in this area is given by the contact between electronic devices with water and/or steam. Several watertight battery-housing and other connections between pieces were invented and now used with succes.


bathtubs/shower cabins

Highly specialized in bathtub-design, as well as showercabin-design etc. Usually designed for for production in PMMA-sheet, aluminum&glass enclosures, considering specific technology and ergonomics for a mainly European but International market. Searching for quality and innovation with simple to understand concepts that sometimes lead to considerate improvements.


glass desk

Structural state-of-the-art project. With Ottavio di Blasi (table and dressoir)
see details of the joints


water tight


wine worm
Computer-controlled machined. With Alexis Oskam (wooden wine-rack)


Plastic garden-furniture, mainly monoblocco



door handle

Metal, modular, door-handle-system. With Ottavio di Blasi


chairs / desks





do it your self jetset / Felxible shower expansion/massage-set.

steam outlet / soft jet








Flame / book stand lamp / alogeno



breakfast sets
Kids breakfast set / pets bteakfast seralogeno

touch screen bath remote controll design in collaboration with Mariandrea Zambrano jazz views steam outlet soft jet do it your self jetset breakfast set for domestic cats desk