_ LIGHT BASIN- LTB™ © 2002

_LTB basin
Washbasin/sink 100% recycable, easy to clean, non-toxic, LDPE (PolyEthylene) undestructable, childfriendly, antivandalism, mass-colored, unbreakable, light-weight (2 kg), illuminated 38x48x18 cm. A revolutionary design, awarded with international design-awards and chosen by worldfamous designers and architects. The LED illumination from inside, in either white or RGB, will add a magical quality-effect.

LIGHT exists in ICE-white, BLACK and 6 colors, APPLE / LILLA / FUCSIA / LEMON-fluoriscent / ORANGE-fluorscent / RED.

All versions exept for BLACK can be equiped with LED white illumination-set for plain illumination.

_ LTT color version
Red Lila Black Orange Lemon  
LIGHT LTB NEUTRAL-white can also be equiped with “5 watt” ultimate generation LED-system for multicolor illumination, in 16 fixed colors in various intensions, or, through the included mini-computer in 4 automatic colorcycles for colortherapy. Includes a double insulated, class II, 110 - 240 V >12 Vdc transformer.
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