Meltdown™ is made of 100% recycable & light-weight (6kg) PolyEthylene. A special “TEFLON” treatment to the tooling made it possible to obtain an important improvement to its superficial quality, gathering an almost shining effect with a dirt-free surface, even though the material remains to be pure PE. This treatment in fact improves the superficial qualities of the material substantially, as it completally closes its natural micro-porosities.

The special shape of Meltdown™ covers both syphon (S-trap) and all supply- and drain-attachments so that none of these are visible once mounted. When lit, it truly shines out its importance, and with its double 2 x 20 watt halogene appliances can illuminate the entire bathroom. Meltdown™ includes drainset, S-trap and towel-hook at both left and right side of each corner.


Meltdown™ has an internal projection-shield that can project images from inside to its surface.
WET® provides optional figure-plans that can project either plane shades or colored shades in various patterns/designs. These shades can even be personalized into your logo when used in hotel or public spaces on requ


Water-resistant sound-unit in amplified version, featuring a pair of speakers to be mounted into bottomside of the Meltdown. Gives direct access to your MP3 or CD-player.

  Orange Lemon Black  


MD esiste in bianco-GHIACCIO, NERO / LEMON fluoriscente / ARANCIO fluoriscente. Tutte le versione tranne il NERO possono essere illuminati con una fonte alogena per un’illuminazione uniforme.

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