DELTA stool in 100% ecopixel® material

Seat that fits one person and that has no back or arms have been designed specially to fit in both indoors and outdoors.

DELTA stool in ecopixel®

Each stool is UNIQUE unrepeatable

  • is produced randomly in pixels and colors
Ventura Lambrate Press Release

Delta is made in ecopixel® material

  • a 100% recycled and recyclable material
100% mede in Italy


  • Shape, size, and color of the pixels can differ in every product
ECOPIXEL by Claudio Milioto and Jan Puylaert

100% mede in Italy

  • ECOPIXEL by Claudio Milioto and Jan Puylaert
No stool is the same as another

affordable, original and sustainable

  • Can be recycled over and over again without losing its properties
Press Release at Ventura Lambrate 2017

Ventura Lambrate - Press release

  • The launch: Fuorisalone del Mobile, Milan

    Launch and
    Spcial Exhibition

    VENTURA LAMBRATE - Milan Design Week

  • Milano - ITALIA
    Via Privata Giovanni Ventura, 15
  • Opening hours:
    10:00-20:00 Tuesday 4 April – Saturday 8 April *10:00-18:00 Sunday 9 April
  • Opening Evening: 20:00-22:00 Wednesday 5 April
  • T. + 39 3452107207
  • info@wet.co.it

100% PURE material LDPE

  • A sustainable material that causes low ecological impact during its transformation

The Delta-stool is made with the standard version of ecopixel®. Is made in an infinite number of colors and none is repeated.

Stool dimensions

  • 450cm high x 340 cm of width

Other heights, different from the standard one, are available under request; high 75cm ideal for bars, and high 90cm perfect as a base of tables.

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