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Washbasin 142 x 38 cm, transparent PMMA designed by Jan Puylaert
© 2008 with build in amplified speakersystem *for MP3 or portable


X-LIGHT™ "SURROND" by WET® / Powered by FOCAL*

The first true “musical” washbasin… All you need is to plug in your MP3*player into this amplified sink, and your bathroom will transform into a high level concert-hall, with superb sound-quality.

The crystal-clear transparent (scratch-resistant) PMMA material visually reveals the powerful 2-way 165mm waterproof high-fidelity speakers capable of handling over 2x60*watt over a frequency-range of 65-20.000Hz ! 2 directional tweeters, with reversed alluminum dome membran, assure a crispy high frequence, when a full and smooth bass is produced by braised glass fiber cone equiped impressive woofers.

And because both speakers are mounted facing the floor, their natural sound will spread into a more than just stereo wideness. In fact, X-LIGHT “SURROUND” has been specifically studied to “reflect” its sound around the typical flat and hard surfaces of bathrooms in order to achieve a magical allround acoustic experience.

* powered by FOCAL / all electronic and acoustical components were developed by the French FOCAL company, leader in acoustical appliances.


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