Fusion™ Free standing basin

Diameter 48cm x 88cm hight | design by Jan Puylaert & Mariandrea Zambrano

Is produced with the latest generation of 100% recycable PolyEthylene which is particular for its completally sealed “microporosity free” surface qualities. Never before PolyEthylene has been so closely packed in its cell structure avoiding this way the microporosities in the surface.

FUSION freestanding washbasin is equiped with an invisible integrated overflow and is available in 2 column colors to be “fused” with 5 sink colors.


FUSION 3 ecopixel

FUSION 3 in "Delfts blauw" ecopixel®

  • Sustainable material 100% recycled and recyclable
FUSION 3 Translucid White

Free standing FUSION 3 White - Illuminated

  • Side Mixer tap, soap tray, and towel hanger
Fusion 3 - Nice solution

Fusion 3 - clever hydraulic installation for 4 basins

  • Dark grey column with colorful basins
Water outlet - RIM Tap

Water outlet - RIM Tap

  • In combination with MIXER Solo
Fusion 3 Dark grey with Fucsia sink

Fusion 3 Dark grey with Fucsia sink

  • Behind LTT Bath tub in orange
FOLD - Shelf integrated faucet

Fusion 3 and Ego Mirrors

  • FOLD - Shelf integrated wall-mounted faucet
Fusion II white - Illuminated

Fusion 3 white - Illuminated

  • Integrated Towell bar
Fusion II White or Dark grey collumn and colored basins

Fusion 3 with colored basins

  • with LED white illumination
Illuminated White Fusion 3

Illuminated White Fusion 3

  • With apple green sink
Fusion with green sink

Fusion 3 with green sink

  • Mirror EGO by WET


Measurments, colors and accessories

FUSION 3 Free standing basin 48 x 48 x 88 cm

Light-weight (8 kg), main measurments 48 x 48 x 88 cm. A clean design, chosen by private and public spaces like restaurants and hotels.

FUSION 3 color version

  • Our Standard Colors

FUSION 3 comes three options of column colors PE mat finish in dark GREY and translucid WHITE. The colors for the sink are NEUTRAL, RED, FUCSIA. APPLE GREEN, YELLOW, and ORANGE.


Diameter 64mm Waste-set for sink with click-system or always open for public spaces, Is made on Chromed Brass and has engraved a WET crown on the top.

Integrated Overflow

    Belongs to this NEW EDITION model of FUSION 3

FUSION 3 “plus” freestanding washbasin is equiped with an invisible integrated overflow

Faucet for a sink

  • Water outlet with MIX solo

The water outlet is used in combination with RIM mixer Chromed Brass

High Faucet for a sink

  • MX Sink High - 25cm high

Is an integrated faucet-line featuring a high quality full brass with chromed MIXER. Is used in combination with LTB Light Basin and FUSION 3 self standing basin.


  • RIM Soaptray Stainless Steel

This simple piece can be located on any RIM from our products Sinks and tubs

Towel hanger

  • Accessory

Can be placed at any high of the column, in any part depending on the installation of the washbasin inside your bathroom.

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