WET Floor

Design by Jan Puylaert & Mariandrea Zambrano
Small shape and graphic-pattern-design portray WET's “royal” touch

The WET-floor design forming “carpets-areas”

Stand out an area

  • The WET-floor design forming “carpets-areas”
Evidence areas of your room

Evidence areas of your rooms

  • Indicating bathroom areas in front of bathtub and/or washbasin and even creating a shower zone
Also for the smallest bathrooms

Pick out an area

  • The small size (20x20cm) makes these typical carpet-areas possible even in the smallest bathrooms
WET floor Emphasizes

WET floor Emphasizes

  • Brings out the importance of an activity in a room
WET floor allows variety of floor-designs

Stand out

  • Combining all 3 tiles leads to a vast variety of floor-designs
Highlights beauty


  • Add beauty in a simple way
The recognizable areas

The recognizable areas

  • It add's beauty in a simple way, creating a rich atmosphere.
Creates importance of a room area

The recognizable carpet-design

  • WET-floor will create importance and simple beauty.
WET showroom

On a showroom

  • Choose on framing specific areas and/or activities


Made in Colombia

Measurments 20x20 cm

  • The base form is the WET “ crown”, but combining all 3 tiles leads to a vast variety of floor-designs


  • Is a “100% ecologically sustainable” product, since it is entirely produced with environmentally harmless pigments in addition to their only pure cement and sand -basis.


The endless combinations in designs and colors that were once available, made it a unique material in the construction field and it's handcraft production is considered an art.

Hydraulic Tile Production

  • The method is highly ecological, where not heat is added, but only pure hydraulic pression.

With an antiquity of 150 years, the cement tile (or hydraulic tile) has proven to be one of the best construction-materials that last over time.

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